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Whenever an emergency occurs, finding appropriate solutions is essential. That is why TITAN electronic placed particular emphasis on this very aspect when it was developing its integral security control system TITAN control. We have made security for people and property our top priority, a goal that is met through highly automating all required tasks. By integrating and thus centralizing all security systems, company and surveillance costs may be drastically reduced. TITAN control´s automated and event-controlled actions will reduce operating errors to a minimum and increase security under stressful conditions to a maximum, that means:


  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • CCTV Operations
  • Fire Detection
  • Intercom
  • Network Devices
  • Fence Detection
  • Person Gates


  • Centralizing reduces costs
  • Automatization increases security and reduces costs
  • One operator station replaces many control panels
    (fire, intrusion, light control, etc.)
  • Multi Location Operation Support
  • Intelligent User Management
  • One user interface for different manufacturer

System Overview

Main Overview

The TITAN control architecture is fully IP-based and modular. The smallest available system consists of a computer acting as server and client in one. That design can go up to 50 cameras in H.264 or MPEG4 encoding mode, together with a high speed switch. The next step is the enterprise system with one or more server and operator stations. On the top level we offer the high availability solution with multi-server, high speed redundant network. All versions can be connected to different subsystems like access, intrusion, fire or programmable logic controller (plc) for integration of relay contacts or GIOs.

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High Availability Overview

The system architecture of TITAN control provides a distributed intelligence structure. That means, the system is fully scalable to nearly infinite amounts of sub-systems and operator stations. Over all server, TITAN control distributes one database to store all configurations and live monitoring data. Additionally this design allows storing camera pictures from one camera on more servers, via trunk streaming. The main benefit of this feature is maximum availability and security in case of system failure and load balancing in high performance configurations.

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Viewing Versions

TITAN control uses operator stations with 2 up to 4 monitors. Each of the monitors can be used for video viewing. The first monitor is additionally used as text screen for monitoring and controlling the system. The second monitor is used for administration or for showing the graphic plans,if they are available. For “High End Solutions“ TITAN control can interface with a video wall system and send direct video streams in MPEG4 or H.264 format.

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Command Control

Command Control is a main feature of all security management systems. The left figure shows the main components with influence on the command and control programming. The software can use each connected subsystems (intrusion, motion detection, left luggage etc.) and automatically generate command sequences, work normally a operator has to do. All messages can be combined with logic functions and different schedules. In the defence version of TITAN control, the system state (alarm, normal, hijacking etc.) can also be used to change the authorization of each operator online.

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User Interface

User-dependent Operation/Display

TITAN control has a dynamic user interface. This means, that each user is given a personalized interface in accordance with his or her rights. Operations are thus simplified to a necessary but sufficient degree. Assigning rights, with regard to using the HI-display or operations by individual users may be done in a two-dimensional way. Each user may either be given rights for one or several subsystems or for selected data points (fire detectors, card readers, PIR etc.).

Multilingual Support

TITAN control is a multilingual system. Here again, this function is made available through the dynamic structure of the whole system. Each user may freely select the desired language in the login mask. The language option is a consistent element of the entire user interface. All functions, actions, button, designations and tooltips can be displayed in the requested language.

Multi Monitor Support

TITAN control supports the use of up to four monitors. Each of them has its own function: Monitor one is used for the command and message system or to view CCTV streams. Monitor two is used for administration or to view CCTV streams. Monitor three and four are only used to view CCTV streams. TITAN control automatically detects on system startup the connected monitors and configures the software for the optimal use.

Graphical Visualization

In order to grant a certain scalability, TITAN control uses a vector display. Moreover, each graphics module has an import interface to import, for instance, ACAD ground plans. In case of emergency, the ground plan of the corresponding section of the building is displayed. This function is achieved by making it possible to scan plans into the system and subsequently display them. The alarm-triggering sensor is displayed by a dynamic flash. This visualization will help the user to get a fast overview of the situation.

Build-in Information System

For fast and easy operations with CCTV pictures, TITAN control offers a build-in-information-system (BIS). This system overlays important status information to a camera stream. Additional the BIS allows to control the system via special overlaid interactive command buttons.

Main Features


The authorization system is a major part in the TITAN control system. All commands and subsystem messages will be checked before the operation station can see them or before the commands go to the subsystems. Additionaly all buttons and the design of the GUI can be authorized. So the operator only sees what he needs (need to know principle). The adminstrator sees the administrator windows, but the operator doesn't. The authorization is hierarchical organized and managed. That means, an operator can only get authorization on commands and messages, if the next higher operator/manager owns the same rights. The removal of a right on a specific authorization level will automatically be inherited to the lower levels. Extension of rights has to go level by level.

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Dynamic Authorization System

The basic idea behind the Dynamic Authorization System (DAS) is to give the operator only the rights he needs. These needs can vary on the current security situation of the whole system. In case of emergency it can be necessary to give an specific operator special rights to unlock all doors. In case of highjacking on an airport, it can be necessary to reduce rights of some operators to hide information (CCTV camera pictures etc.). TITAN control fulfills all this requirements and supplys the system administrator with a powerful tool to change the authorization automatically, in operation, without system restart.

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Action Manager

The Action Manager may be individually configured for each user profile. The Action Manger serves to pool commands, addressed to subsystems and to execute them by only one mouse click. On the one hand this reduces the number of operations, on the other, it makes executing faster. In order to maintain clarity in large systems, TITAN control allows you to use several sub-actions within one action. The corresponding action-status will be dynamically indicated on all user interfaces.

User Instruction System

The User Instruction System (UIS) is used to instruct the operator in case of emergency situation. The system can be programmed with individual instructions, for each possible system message or status. Each instruction can be combined with pictures, audio messages and special free programmable commands, to reduce the handling errors of an operator to a minimum. The system stores all operator reactions in a historical database to analyze the situation later on.

Audio Information System

The Audio Information System (AIS) is an effective tool for the system administrator to inform the operator with audio texts. For each system message the administrator can program an individual audio sequence or use the default settings.

Event Analyzer

By means of the Event Analyzer TITAN control offers the opportunity to make a thorough analysis of all stored data such as:
■ Sensor analysis
■ Command analysis
■ Command auditing
■ Subsystem analysis
■ User analysis

The Event Analyzer therefore serves mainly to reconstruct and retrieve emergencies.

Advanced Features

Image Verification

Image verification may be used in combination with an access control system. A random event generator will launch both, the image verification and the authentication procedures. Therefore a user can monitor the library photo as well as the live-picture of the person in question.

Station Dependent Login

Station Dependent Login (SDL) allows configuring the operator rights depending on the operator station. Example: An Operator A can see different cameras streams on different operator stations with the same login and password. Additionally the SDL can lock login authorizations for operator stations. Example: On the porter operating station the administrator login is locked.

Reaction Control System

TITAN control comes with an highly sophisticated Reaction Control System (RCS). RCS is an automatic control system to detect and automatically react in the proper way on system situations. The system administrator can choose for each situation between full automatic or half automatic mode. In case of half automatic the operator has the chance to interfere the automatic reaction.

Defense Conditions

A high security system has to operate the system according to their current defense condition. That means the system can automatically adapt their authorization system on the current situation. For example, the system is programmed with four defense levels. In the normal mode all staff are authorized as programmed. In the Hijacking mode, some cameras will be automatically invisible to protect the special force operation. Additionally some operator rights can be degraded to a minimum level to reduce false operations.

Detection Sensor Integration

State-of-the-art security management systems must have a full integration of detection sensors. The highly advanced ones come from the CCTV side and are detecting static and moving objects. These detection algorithms bring normally out the following security application:

■ Tripwire
■ People Counting
■ Abnormal Movement Detection
■ Lost Luggage Detection

TITAN control integrates all of them and shows the status as information overlay in the live picture of the camera stream.


  • Data Encrpytion
  • Two-Pass-Mutual-Authentication
  • Switchport-Authentication via 802.1 X
  • Layer 2 Port-Security
  • Layer 3 Cross Border Control
  • VPN Tunneling
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • E-Mail Service
  • Third-Party Interface


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