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Network systems are the basis of each security system. The right decisions for the right network is more and more a hard engineering task. Special care has to be taken for using CCTV realtime streaming. Most of the networks are not designed for such requirements. Mostly security is an additional big matter. To have a good network system installed depends mostly on two components:

The right, educated and experienced partner!

The right equipment!

So the success of a good security system also depends on the reliability and capability of the network solution.


Find out about the most important features!

  • Dynamic Firewall
  • Backbone Systems
  • VPN Configurations
  • VSAT Communication
  • Network Surveillance
  • Wireless Communication
  • Gateway Systems

With Cisco systems, TITAN electronic offers a wide variety of solutions for VPN and Security With the help of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), organisations set-up safe Private Network connections via internet or other commonly used networks. VPNs achieve substantial cost savings in comparison to Private Leased Lines, which extend connectivity to remote subsidiaries , customers and partners. Security is the basis of Internet Economy and an absolute necessity for any electronic business strategy.

Many companies are opening their networks for an increasing number of users and applications. This results in a continuous increase in risk potential. We offer platforms like Cisco PIX Firewall, Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems and Virtual Private Network products to organisations which might become subject to possible hacker attacks. These platforms secure successful and reliable e-business operation. The maximum protection for networks is achieved by safety components consisting of 5 critical areas, namely: Identification, Security of the Physical Environment, Secure Connection, Security Monitoring and Security Policy Management.

Reception Employees are provided with "Smart Cards", which identify them as such and grant access to selected floors, buildings or resources. It is also possible to use biometric sensors for the identification of employees and to open access to IP-Ports after positive identification only. Additional security can be achieved in the reception area, entrances and car parks by means of video surveillance through the Cisco Security Monitoring system.


Physical Topology

A good performing network consists of multilayer core and access layer switches. The core switches are normally built up in a redundant manner for high availibility. Each server is connected with all core switches and bundled network interfaces. Each bundle can consist of maximum 8 data lines. On the access switches are the cameras and encoders connected. Each access switch is connected with all core switches on the uplink side. In the access switch different VLAN (virtual local area networks) can be programmed to separate different places or organizations. The core layer switches can be used to route the IP-packets between the VLAN‘s.

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Logical Topology

The system architecture of a “High End“ video system it can be necessary to integrate remote locations or remote viewing stations. In that case the system has the need to use a firewall to handle the traffic and build up a VPN tunnel to each location or remote viewing station. Additionally the firewall can be used to handle the traffic to other security systems like intrusion detection or access control systems.

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