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According to your demands, we offer the appropriate security standards and guarantee outstanding quality,
combined with an excellent price-performance ratio.
The leading edge technology of TITAN electronic ensures the most up-to-date systems, combined with the highest reliability and user comfort.

Industrial Firms
High Security Clients
TITAN access
Access Control
TITAN eagle
Video Surveillance
TITAN quantum
Security Core system
TITAN control
Security Management
Network Security
High End Security
OEM Modules
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Customer Services

Thinking of having a professional system installed? The only thing you need: THE RIGHT PARTNER! We offer all the important elements promising great success: planning, development, realization and aftersales services.

Planning & Consulting

Our highly qualified and experienced staff ensures a structured and well-designed planning of your security system.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Concepts
  • Security Baselining
  • Network Baselining
  • Cross Border Design
  • Layer 2/3 Security Design
  • PKI Design
  • Security Concept Design (Access, Network, CCTV, ...)


TITAN electronic is an all-in-one company - we always use the most modern and newest technologies in all areas, and integrate them into our systems.

  • Installation of Security Systems
  • Installation of Network Systems
  • Fibre Optical Splicing
  • Fibre Optical Measurement
  • Network Traffic Simulation
  • Electronic Development
  • Electronic Assembly


Only trained users can fully achieve the entire benefit of your security system. So we provide the appropriate trainings.

  • TITAN control
  • TITAN access
  • TITAN quantum
  • TITAN eagle
  • CCTV
  • Intercom
  • OEM Modules
  • Network Security

Our products and services meet the needs of customers with highest demands, such as Banks, Airports, Embassies, Industrial Firms, Authorities, High Security Clients and Military.

Partner Services

To speed up the sales process of our partner companies, we have developed a useful partner area with different tools and applications, which provide a quicker and less work-intensive effort of the partner and reduces time and costs. The following picture shows this process in a step-by-step model.


We develop and install security systems for enterprises with the highest demands. Beginning with access systems and biometric-scan systems, time pattern systems, video surveillance systems, alarm systems, fire detection systems, to IT networks and circuit management systems.
Renowned enterprises like banks, insurances, airports, production companies and further enterprises are our customers.
The high quality of our products combined with the most modern technology and reliability, as well as completion according to schedule, have become our trade marks.
TITAN electronic is your competent and experienced partner for the installation of security systems. We offer you all components of your system as a one stop shop, from the planning and designing, to the development and installation. This means a high degree of security and a professional partner whom you can trust.


A perfect planning is an important feature to reach the target. We offer you the technical and organizational planning of all system-components, to guarantee their smooth implementation.


Due to the continuous digitalization of our world, special products are becoming more and more important to cover the demands of our customers. We are therefore constantly developing the most modern system components in order to support our projects with leading edge technology.


On the basis of longstanding experience in realizing projects in Austria and abroad, as well as in their completion according to schedule, you win a powerful and competent partner for your security systems.


TITAN electronic is a progressively thinking enterprise which develops security systems for customers with the highest demands on quality and reliability, by utilizing the most up-to-date equipment.
Our success is based on the combination of experience, creativity and the most advanced technology. Today we are already working flat out on the security systems of tomorrow!
We are a competent and highly qualified partner for enterprises which utilize security systems.
We are continuously striving for maintaining the highest possible technical standards of your security systems. From the detailed planning, right through the completion according to schedule, TITAN electronic is your reliable partner. We work for highly acclaimed enterprises in Austria and abroad.

OUR PHILOSOPHIE - It is our aim to maintain our leading edge technology. Our staff is continuously involved in training and educational programs, in order to be ready for mastering future tasks.

OUR OBJECTIVE - No endeavour is beyond our possibilities. You specify your needs, and we will fulfill your requirements to its optimum level of achievement. We will not settle for anything less than the best. 100 per cent customer satisfaction is our commitment.

The strength of a chain is determined by it weakest link!

The high demands of our partners and clients are the area in which we feel most comfortable. In our opinion, security solutions are a very complex task and they have to be designed anew for each individual project, in order to function 100 per cent in real life. We back quality and professionalism. That is why we lead the pulse of times in our business area. Innovative developments combined with the latest technology and professionalism are your benefits.

Innovation Leader

"The quality of our goals determines the quality of our future". Therefore TITAN electronic is always on the run for new ideas and products.

Best Solutions & Approaches

Thanks to our longstanding experience and expertise we are able to find the best solutions and services that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

Quality Service & Support

Our trademarks are quality and reliability, even under the most extreme conditions.

The strength of a chain is determined by it's weakest link.

- Proverb -






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